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The Multisensory Training Institute of the Stratford Foundation is a nonprofit educational foundation, seeking to spread the concept of multisensory language instruction through reasonably-priced, national teacher workshops.

Since you have a choice in choosing a provider for your training in Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing™ (LiPS®), Visualizing & Verbalizing™ (V/V™), and other Phonemic Awareness courses, why should you consider MTI of the Stratford Foundation?

We take immense pride in offering small, inspiring educational workshops at affordable prices. We believe, the highly acclaimed publicly available teaching techniques of Lindamood-Bell™ should be made available to all individuals, regardless of socioeconomic status, school location and program costs. As a not-for-profit foundation dedicated to spreading the news of excellent teaching methodologies, MTI adheres to their mission to disseminate this information as a cost-effective solution to individuals typically unable to access traditional training offered by for-profit corporations.

The Multisensory Training Institute of the Stratford Foundation is dedicated to providing affordable, research-driven multisensory teacher training throughout America. Utilizing the successful methodologies of Lindamood® and other phonemic awareness programming, our qualified instructors are available to structure workshops to your school district's unique needs. Additionally, to provide training to participants from several programs, MTI offers ongoing open-enrollment retreats in centralized locations across the nation.

For further information, or to plan an individualized workshop for your school district, please contact:
Lyn Seres, M.Ed or Dave Schell, M.Ed at:

MTI of the Stratford Foundation
NH Office for Program Planning
28 Candlewood Hill Road
Francestown, NH 03043

(603) 547-8500
Toll Free: 1-866-ReadMTI (1-866-732-3684)
Fax Toll Free: 1-866-547-8253


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